The Procrastinator…

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I did not mean to do the thing I did, but ‘just wait for five more minutes’ kind of habit had taken it’s toll in a very demoting way

I still remember one night, my dad asked me to wash my car the following morning since it’s going to be a weekend holiday. I thought it was a good idea since I could spend a quality time rather than sleeping all day long. The following morning, the execution for the plan had not come to practise though as ‘just wait five more minutes’ intention has been repeated… for 20 or 40 times… thinking that pulling the blanket on my head for another five minutes would surely bring an utterless relaxing dream. It’s human nature… when you are in a comfort zone (I thought I was..)
we would not eject from it.

“Looooooooong….! Washed your car already?” my dad asked.

“Okay..okay.. five more minutes.. Just don’t bring the car out…” Just don’t bring the car out..? Where did that come from?? Aku pun tak tau ape yang aku mengarut masa lah tgh tido


“Loooooooooong…! It’s afternoon… It’s very hot out there already

“Okay..okay…! I’m coming…. trying hard to sit properly on my bed. The feeling was like What’s happening?? Where am I???. That alone took me a half an hour. Seemed like getting myself together is like solving a complex algebra for term papers.

Then it was raining outside and as soon as I heard the pouring sound when the rain drops hitting the top of my neighbours kitchen zink (bunyi die best kan…tak tau camane nak describe…tapi bunyi die buat mata tak fokus…)

Oh…It’s raining… I mumbled myself

“Loooooooooong…..! Dah ujan!!! Tak payah la basuh…Malam karang je kalau tak hujan.

….I pulled my blanket again….

How I wished I could spin back the time to make it right although I know it’s absolutely futile to even think that way

My 20’s life was a mere a premature timeline that if I were to calculate any positive exercise that I have done, maybe it was music.. Only music.. Financially, it was a big flop. The concept of ‘saving’ had not come to my mind and I swear that was regretable, big time!

“You know that you cannot solve a problem by just thinking or dreaming about it. The world doesn’t revolve around oneself only.. Even this is an ‘ intersection’ between pre-life and afterlife, which is unimaginably lengthy by the way, the rule of relativity still applies. The causes and effects rotate their way to each and everyone of us according to our actions.”

I have already being in the ’causes and effects’ aftermath. Long years of complacency has dued and the payment of risks and struggling take over. No more lifeline from mom and dad… Just myself working my gut out forward (owh it’s never easy actually).

I were a procrastinator… and this is my salvation.



I Drank An Isomax And Became A Superman…!

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Dialog Mariana & Ikea’s Vanishing Curtain

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“Buat pertama kali aku melihat ketakukan seorang lelaki terhadap seorang wanita”. Layan lah pulak tengok Maria Mariana 2 petang semalam. Tapi dialog Ziana Zain..dialog-dialog novel macam tu, mane ade orang nak cakap macam tu kat luar sana. Tak boleh bayang kalau tgh gaduh ‘laki’ dan ‘pompuan’ pastu cakap ” Kini tampak terketar lututmu sudah, bercucuran airmatamu, pabila keranda dibawa ke hadapan mata” Agak orang yang dengar tu pon boleh confuse, biar betul…sakit ke ‘minah’ ni, eh mamat ni nak buat lawak la plak. Cakap je la “tau takut, ‘ketaq’ lutut bagai…dulu ‘act’ sgt, bile dah kene ikat tau plak kecut…” mesti lagi ‘berbulu’ je kalau dengar, menusuk…menganjing bagai.

Anyways, that was the dialog part. Feature presentation dia camni sebenarnye… My girlfriend and I went to Ikea to have meat balls and chicken wings for dinner. Tiba-tiba terasa nak makan meat balls and chicken wings. We reached there around 6 and straightly went to the cafeteria.
Pegilah cafe..mak oi banyaknya oghang… dah la crowded, lepas dah ambik makanan, sudu dengan garfu pulak takde (got to queued again for forks and spoons some more…is this the Ikea I know?? Adooiii…) Then makan time.. (skip the makan part lah!)

Okay, lepas makan, kitorang pun pegilah survey furniture. Banyak jugaklah sections yang ‘dilawati’. Sekali sampai dekat satu living room concept punya tempat. Yang dia ni pi la masuk kat satu tempat yang tutup dengan langsir, siap ada full body scale punya cermin (cermin ala-ala macam witch dalam cite Snow White la) dengan lampu mentol dua bijik lagi. Aku rase dah macam bilik make-up artis dah.

Aku tak kisah sangatlah pasal tu, sebab aku ingat dia saje je nak betul tudung ke ape ke, so aku pegilah dekat hujung dinding satu lagi. Aku dok tengok dua frames ni. Aku ingatkan cermin jugak, last2 bila tengok, eh! pesal kabur je?. Sekali frame gambar da. Puaslah aku dok belek ingat mende.

(eh….lame benor betulkan tudung)

A’a.. mane dia nih? Aku pegilah dekat langsir tadi nak tengok dia. Sekali aku selak langsir tu dia dah takde…

“Lah! Mane dia??? Mane kekasihkuuuu????

Dah takde lah pulak.

Seriously masa tu aku tak dapat menerima hakikat yang dia tiba2 je hilang. Musykil gila. Jammed sekejap otak ni. Curtain room tak besar mane pun. Selak langsir kiri ade dinding.. (tak kan dia ni bleh tembus dinding kot)… Aku selak la plak baju2 yang bergantung kat bilik tu, mana tau kot2 dia nak main peekaboo dengan aku ke….Takde jugak..

Aih!!! Mane ni????

Aku keluar kat langsir tu pastu tengok dalam balik….


Still aku tak dapat digest ape yang berlaku.

(lagu Twilight Zone pun dok nenong2 kat telinga..)

Ada cermin, ada mentol, ade langsir pastu ade dinding..dah macam set untuk silap mata..(David Blaine hijack girlfriend aku kot….Oi! Biar betul!!!)

Aku pun terus ambik henpon… call. Lama jugak dok toot..toot..too..toot tak angkat2 henfon dia. (Aku dah ingat dia ni memang dah kena sedut ngan blackhole ke gi alam mana ntah..)

Tak jawab…. (aduuii… apelah aku nak bagitau famili dia? kene kidnapped ngan Jabar The Hutt??? nak mampos??…sumpah aku kene smackdown jap lagi..


Huh! Ade orang poke aku dari belakang. Suara pun cam kenal. Aku pusinglah nak tengok. Dia gelak punyalah besar… (dalam hati aku separa lega dan masih separa confused).

“Apela!! Time awak dok tengok mende (mesti dia refer to frame yang aku tenung lama2 tadi) tu, saye dah keluar pelan2. Saye tengok je awak kusyuk sangat tengok mende tu. Saye pun keluarlah..HAHAHAHAHA”

@#$#@!@#$!!!!!!!!!!!! (aku tak tau nak letak ape…)

5 minit aku dok pikir, rupenye die amik 5 saat ja dok nyelit keluar time aku usha frames tadi.

Ade ke pulak awek aku kene sedut dengan blackhole???

P/S: Banyak sangat tgk Star Trek….

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

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Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.

Thanks Sara Rosso for posting the bulletin about this running for life event (or swimming, cycling, trekking etc.) . I’ve been waiting for this since quite sometimes. Actually my passion is about joining any marathon event but I got no chance since I’m tied with job schedule. Now that I got the opening to do it and be able making it to be noticed ‘online’, THAT I won’t miss it for the world. Staying healthy – yeah I’m all into it and would love to post my 3.1 miles route to WP.

It’s gonna be fun. Seriously.


This is Two Thousand and Eleven. (pt.1)

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I summed my year 2010 as experiencing, educating and the most challenging I’d ever lived. There were lots of transitions in life event happened in that year compared to the prior one. 2009 was merely a constant motion where I spent it only doing routines: driving the same route to work everyday, working at same cubicles, eating at the same cafeteria, and listening to the same curses and disputes by customers during work. It was so the same I never realized it passed by, like in a blink of eyes.


I only started to realize that everything began to change at the very end to 2009 when I found out a social page in Facebook that endorsed a ‘business opportunity’, with stirring quotes and bold attitude (“We ain’t force you to join us. Just take it or leave it!!”) It eventually triggered my interest as I was highly curious about it at that time (curious mind is good, isn’t it?). I manage to communicate with the social page owner and we had meeting at a place to discuss further about the ‘proposition’ (what they offered).

I always took things in good way (or should I say uncritically?). Everything sounded very promising and doable. My mind started to mingle about juggling my job and indulging myself in this and I became so restless thinking about it. Each week on Wednesday I went for briefings about the business presentation and what I liked so much about them were the way the speaker began the speech. They put slideshows illustrating the chance people could have with luxurious images and the comparison when we and when we not, take the deal. I was a little aggravated though with the word ‘success’, that they use over and over again, but I just slid off that feeling for awhile as my intention was to discover the ‘end’ of the presentation.

The Brave New World.

Time went by and I kept the idea and intention to ‘shift’. I didn’t jeopardize my job by slacking off in performance. In fact I was among the ‘cream’ employees. I actually fled, officially. But that is further narration and I plan to intricate it later. I didn’t know why I was so ‘motivated’ in getting into this one. I thought it has some kind of… ‘connection’.

I went to its ‘Gala’ event for awards and recognitions for achievers with such glamorous artist repertoire. And I never thought that this business has foreign delegates from neighborhood countries, which is certainly a selling point for newcomers who were still ‘fresh and clean’. The CEO also came down to join the gala and was given a slot for a speech, where he depicted how he began this business out of nothing, and ‘selling himself’ towards building up an image to the business. Together with his loyal followers who shared the ideas of ‘people helping people’ type of dealing, he embarked his journey, walking from blocks to blocks, doors to doors in an attempt to recruit newcomers to share this noble idea. A year later, he stood at the podium and gave speech. His achievement? Beside foreign expansion range, he diversified this business already. I saw the business presentation booklet where it’s going to open a Tesco-Carrefour like hypermarket, even own an express bus consortium. (What else could this business offer other than its niche of electro-ions cards? To some people, those are craps? But I didn’t take ‘em that way…at least not entirely).

On a fine evening, I received a call from social page person (then, I joint it already) informing me that a potential ‘outlook’ was available somewhere I reside, so I agreed to contact that person for a meeting arrangement. I met a couple, a husband and a wife and the former who played important role in the conversation (the same guy who responsible for the intersection of my ‘carrier’ path…it made two third of this blog post), the latter just kept silent. It was the first time I’d ever presented to a person outside my varsity schematic mode. I was clueless the way I’d spoken, expecting that the technique of ‘copy and paste’ the people who taught me through would be a piece of cake. I figured the guy had lost me already but it turned out that he said these words: “I like the idea! It’s doable and I intend to link…” Now that was encouraging. And of course the ‘but’ was there: “…but I already put some penny on other dealing, which means I’m quite short right now. Just don’t count me off yet, okay?”) No problem for me, at least I’d stayed connected to one chance and I knew how important for me to trail back this guy. The day after, I just carried on with my job as usual.

A week later, when I called this guy again, I was quite surprised that he picked up by the second ring. “Hey bro what’s up? Listen, could you come over. There is something I wanted to show you. You will love to hear this”

Again…curiosity ‘nudged’ me. I went back home and met again with ‘Link’, except, at that time he was accompanied with bunch of like-minded friends. They looked at me like they were ‘burning holes’ in my eyes (“what’s with that? Is there a problem?”). They didn’t say anything…just… starring…alternately. “Chill man! Don’t worry about them. They like to stare. Let me introduce you to one of my friend… Oh! He’s not here yet. He will be shortly. C’mon you wanna order something.. Macha!!!” He tried to comfort me and called one of the attendants for menu (Oh! Right. It was happening at a restaurant actually). Then, I realized that my intention to ‘pull the string’ over this guy gradually become the other way round. I thought it was the act of intimidation to cut off any chance for me to open my mouth that I was going to propose, you know… the starring and consoling at the same time. It was like executing a blueprint of mind game. I wasn’t so sure at that time. Then suddenly I heard a very thunderous voice from upstairs “OH YEAH!!!! I JUST GOT MY BONANZA. TWENTY K!!!“ What the…

Then in a while came out a petite-built person, brown skin with a pair of glasses. He held a paper with a credit card attached on it, boasting to everyone that he made his mark and earned ‘twenty k’ in value. “I’m so on top of the world, now I’m ready to excel…Where to go? Alaska? I would row a boat at the sea, meet a polar bear and ask it ‘YOU WANT A CREDIT CARD??”

“You want to change your life man? Then just follow me”

He must had been kidding at that time. But this guy sounded so right and without me realizing it, I was utterly mesmerized. I noticed that when he talked, everybody listened and nodding to his points.

Then Link introduced me to this ’20K’ guy. (Let’s just dub him as Brother Kay from now on). He sat beside me, switched on his laptop (which was also his prize) and began his flamboyant talk. Whatever he said and showed me seemed so truthful and I closed the part of my mind that said “BE CAREFUL YOU IDIOT!!”

“Two hundred and fifty… As low as that. You want to start a business elsewhere, you gotta dig big… but with us, you put two-fifty and you will have part of your life’s coverage…..FOR LIFE!!

After all the explanations and talks, it was time for us to adjourn and then he look at my ride and said, “Join us and you can change to a ‘Bimmer‘ in three months” Wow! That’s phony, really..But why on earth did i felt hooked with it?

I bumped in with him a few more times after that in the company’s office-the rendezvous and saw him with his companion. Wearing his nerdy glass, straight GQ hair, he discussed with Brother Kay in fascination “This is Metzelder, one of my close friend who always behind me to support what I’m doing .” Metzelder and I shook hands and he seemed to be a very nice guy, but of course I didn’t know him yet. We had a small chat that night until we called it off at almost eleven.

I kept my contact with Brother Kay. I was still in my job that time but my mind had fluttered to ‘no man’s land’. Like I said earlier, I was restless.

rain, black screen

-JANUARY 2010-

I was sitting at my cubicle waiting for my shift and I login to the employee’s intranet access. There was one column for ‘walk out’ and some text box to fill for brief explanations on the action to do so. I did not remember what I filled in the text box. What I do remember, I hit the ‘PROCEED’ button…

* * *


On the last day of my previous job, I was assigned to become a mentor to two rookies. My task was to show them on how I did my job. I always had practiced my conversation with customers not according to ‘standard party lines’ (that’s what they call it there). I kept seeing them looking at the monitor and my face interchangeably, like there was an important notes that they can use when going live, written all over my face. (They were quite flattered actually! Of course! They were rookies. That’s how they suppose to react right? They were rookies…) My ex-boss came toward me at the end of the day, shook my hand and wished me the best for my future undertaking. Both of the newcomers looked at us, puzzled. Actually even many of my colleagues didn’t notice my exit. I kept it low. That’s the way I did it then and it’s the way I wanted to.

Walking down the hallway exiting the office, two hours after the ‘rookies affairs’ I called Brother Kay to ask him how he was doing. It was about a months since ‘flamboyant talk’ night and I thought it was about time to check him out. The song tone of Zee Avi‘s ‘Kantoi’ rang in my ears.

“Hello..Hey there, just the right time that you call me. I have a great proposition that I want you to hear. Let’s meet at our place.”

I was really excited and went back to ‘our place’ to meet him. As soon as I reached there, I saw Metzelder was with him. I greeted both and before I could even had a chance to drop my ass down on, he impatiently told me about an opportunity of a lifetime that will change my life. I listened attentively, and I was thinking that it must be something very very good. “This is a ‘forty two fifty’ project and expected return is gonna be some serious 50 mil in a year time..Metzelder has slotted himself, fully cash. This..(he quoted) is the time for you to be on top bro! If you let it go right now, you won’t get the same chance again later “. Generally, I knew the common reaction will be ‘Yeah right!’ kind of stuff, but I was too optimistic.

“Rational fusses is way off better than reckless assertions”.

I was so fully into it and I thought “This is it! This is my time and I’m gonna make it through. Once and for all”

“You are the second to call me. Metzelder and I just met today and I’ve given him (pointing his right hand index to his face, palming a bunch of tied fifty notes, whereas he was exactly beside him..did he has to do that?) a full scale talk about this and he say YES!(Metzelder was just smiling like he didn’t feel anything to that ‘pointing’ act).

I was on a trip last week and in occasion, I bumped into an online chat with a person. He is so into this and guess what… when I came back I went to his house and MAN! he is a geek, with computers everywhere in is living room. I think you should meet him.”

He tried to Google Chat this guy from his laptop but the internet connection was very poor at that time. ” Oh! You can call him ‘Dic’.”

Money talk, Table Talk

The following morning, I went to see Brother Kay again to officially ‘book’ myself in. The rendezvous was where we mainly operated for the next five months (later). There was another person who sat at the back end corner round table. Short grey hair, like a convict (yeah, that’s how I looked at him) , with a pair of spectacles (speaking of which, Metzelder wasn’t there) this guy talked academically with Brother Kay.

“Come and sit ‘ere. You are just about time” Brother Kay invited me with smile. I joined them together and listen to what they were conversing. All terms they were using were quite ‘technical’ and I opted to keep quiet and listen.”

“We’re going to make this BIG. We the ‘musketeers’. We make this debut and everyone else is coming after that, Right Dic?” Okay, then I knew that’s the one. I kept calling Dic with a ‘Mr.’ salutation prefix. We began the ‘recruitment’ soon after.

“But how about Metzelder? He paid hard cash right? Where is he?” I asked.

Brother Kay looked me in the eyes, the way when someone realized that you missed out only a simple thing, he’s reaction would be tailing eyes, or rolling eyeballs…that kind of look..

“That should be the last thing you think about..You just leave it to me, I know what to do with Metzelder.We are the musketeers, he’s not. For the time being, just follow me, anywhere we (..and Mr.Dic) go. You will learn a lot from us”

Okay I got the point, but, I concerned about the money. (Actually, the other night I saw Metzelder handed the money. It was so thick I felt that it counted to forty-two-fifty, solid) Did it go to the bank account, or…
I might be junior, but I was watching with my brain that was fully functioning. So the thinking was ‘working’. But in the end, I fell again to my good impression and ‘positive’ thought.

We first went a little to the north where we successfully brought in the forth person to join us, Jon Silver. This guy was meant to ‘head hunt’ around the north west region. The three of us left ‘Jon Silver’ the day after for him to do his work and return to ‘our place’ just the following day. Brother Kay received a call from a guy, ‘RJ Kingston’ who ‘requested’ a membership in the family. This guy claimed that ‘he has contacts’ that were potential to fit in.

RJ Kingston is our goldmine. Grab this guy in and we can stay solid in time”, Brother Kay confirmed to Mr. Dic and I. Actually, Brother Kay and Mr. Dic had the final say about almost everything that we were working on. I was instead taking my former protégé’s role in becoming a ‘rookie’, not knowing my direction and just followed. The type of mentality I applied was ‘learning from mistakes, but didn’t realize that the stakes were enormous (Oh! I wished it was much lesser torment).

“The only guideline and thrust that I relied on was the way I ‘looked up’ toward both of them“.


I went to the office for usual meeting one day in this month and saw a new guy sitting on a long couch. He faced his laptop on the table and did not notice me that much. I just acknowledge him and he did the same in return. Suddenly another lad came out from a door. It was Brother Kay, “Hey Jesteron…Are you still working for Lady Rock?. C’mon… she does not fit to become your ‘head’. I know you want more and she has just got into your way.”. Jesteron (so to speak) grinned cynically, slouching on the couch and lifting his laptop now literally on his lap.

“Not for her anymore, but for other head. She’s in the room with Sid. Anyway what’s up Kay?”.

Kay actually knew this guy, Jesteron. They were in a group led by a so called Lady Rock who had issues that made them tailed her off. Lady Rock usually came to the office to consult with Sid, the higher authority in the company, at the same time trying to push pins to others who dropped by for her own fortune. She came together with spouse, Stone Dean. Both were always seen together, anywhere and anytime.

“Hey, I heard you are doing a big project Kay. Tell me about it” Jesteron seemed intersted.

“It’s a forty-to-fifty project and 50 mil return within a year. I’m recruiting people Jessy. People like you can surely add in force into my group. Together we bring our people up towards glory,” Brother Kay pointed out his deal.

“Can I be the head instead? I’ll do great on top”.

Freeze for a moment!! You said what??

Bad call Jesteron. The sign of greed shown on the dot. He made the mistake seasoned business lads could easily decipher. Later Brother Kay and Mr. Dic briefed about Jesteron and decided to write him off. Mr. Dic said in the evening when he came by that he could read that the intention of this guy was merely to take an advantage from the offer given. The advantage that might had been his ticket to flee with fully-loaded luggage but a burden to everyone. Yeah. Dic could read people well. Talisman Dic! Poor Jesteron. But my take was, that was a rightful call from Dic.

mlm, networking, money,

At the night time, there was an ‘assembly’ at the rendezvous. This was where the establishment of the musketeers and also occasions for business presentations took place. There were quite number of outlooks came to listen to the proposal. Brother Kay was the front man and he graced them with his flair. I learned presentation skills in my varsity days and always went not by the book in order to dig in creativity of the flow to amaze audience (did not really care whether they comprehended or not). But Brother Kay through his experience and seniority worked his speeches in extreme off roads but still got the thrill out of them. I thought I got it all but I was so naïve. I was still far from being a champion…

The next few days Brother Kay and Mr. Dic went travelling somewhere to East Coast for business matter (Yeah! Obviously!). I got the ‘time off’ so I opted to hang out privately in order to ease the tense after the two months ‘kick start’. Then, I returned to occupy and Mr. Dic called me asking to come over to his fortress solitude. I drove all the way down to the place and did not expect to see another new face.

The family gathered for a small briefing during one night and there were Mr. Dic, the new face guy I met at the fortress solitude, dubbed as Fotoman (because he’s a fan of a pop rock band a lot may have recognized)… and RJ Kingston who brought together his business-minded partner cum lover at that time, Mischa Ascorra. She was the newest family member until that night. The two seniors met her at the northern East Coast and they got hooked with her passion in getting involved in the project, so they enlisted her.

In many business occurrences we had, Brother Kay and Mr. Dic would go together in one ride most of the time, whereas Fotoman and I were in another (mine actually). I wondered once where those two old-timers got this fellow from. It could be a friend from their home village, or a stranger they just picked up from its sidewalk, I thought. The truth revealed when I came to Brother Kay‘s mansion and met his immediate family, his wives (I did not typo…it’s plural y’all…lol)and kids. Suddenly Fotoman came towards me and said, “Actually, his younger spouse is my younger sib”. I stalled for a while, trying to digest his acknowledgment. “Just keep it to ourselves and don’t let it slip”. Now that’s a breaker. It went out to be a ‘cloaking’ job soon after, every time somebody else asked about Brother KayFotoman thing, I had to degrade their status to only pals. What a shame…


“You gotta be careful..Kay has returned. He is out from the cellSkoot Chic reminded me through online.

“What?? How could that be possible? He did his own child” I replied in disbelief.

They said the substantiation wasn’t strong enough. She lodged report three weeks after the felony. So he was let go ” affirmed the ex-secretary of Brother Kay after I’d forgone the title to do the office job at the rendevous in May last year.

She continued, “He wants to take on us all for what we did to him, for running over him.”

…” and Sid has taken back the ride without even telling Dic. All of Dic‘s stuffs are were inside the ride when that bloody old man took it.”

It is a shocking news for me. I was thinking when Kay was confined, it’s gonna be for two or three years straight.

“He indicted me of whippin’ of his three-eight-o’ ‘double K’ from his mansionSkoot Chic dig in deeper.

Three-eight-o’ ‘double K’?? Double K?? What a jackass!!! Did it ever occur to his shitty brain how much that is??” I could not believe how thick Kay could be. He is undoubtedly the worst baddie that I met so far.

“and a mansion??” I don’t remember that. I went to his place, I know.

“What mansion???”

* * *
(part 2 ahead)

Gah Helang Gah!

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The Hawks

Hawks fly high!

Biar Besar Gergasi Merah,
Biar Merah Pahlawanan Gagah,
Biar bisa Lebah berdarah,
Biar Rusa melintang arah,
Biar Penyu dan anaknya dilindung bah,
Biar Anak Ladang mengerah,
Biar gegar dihentak Tok Gajah,
Biar Kenari mencicip tarah,
Biar Seladang menanduk parah,
Biar Bayu datang membelah,
Biar Anak Harimau menyergah,
Biar Singa di Utara ghairah…
..memburu mangsa untuk dimamah…

Namun Helang tetap terbang…
Melingkari awan tak endah marah…

Helang terbang tinggi ke langit,
Terbang sedia untuk bertempur,
Pantang tumbang sebelum disengit,
Pejuang kita Kuala Lumpur.

Salam Menghadapi Liga Super 2011.

Cardio-Fitness Song Tracks

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Music for Jogging

Just came across my mind to share with you some of the song tracks suitable for cardio fitness activities (pacing, aerobic stuffs, hiking, or what not). I started to cultivate the jogging habit since ten years ago when I was in the elementary transition program between school and high institution of learning (matriculation). Never did listen to songs while jogging at that time (not even crossed my mind) but only to improve my fitness (have I already??? I can’t judge).

It was in these recent years when I noticed that a lot of people who love taking care of their health (in my genre of activity), pluggin’ in the ears with mp3s. So it hooked me up to try for it and you guess what… IT REALLY HELPS!!!!.

I don’t know whether it has a psychological effects of what, but when I plugged in my ears and tuned in my preferable song tracks, it helped me to deviate my attention to the songs rather than my fatigue. It made me forget that I have circled 8 full rounds of the Olympic-standard tracks or running up hilly roads.

At the beginning, I just listened to any song tracks that came up from my playlist, but I realized certain song genres play significant roles in turning up our mood or morale while we are on the clock (just imagine you press the play button to Celine Dion’s Ballard or Shahir AF’s song [the famous one radios never stop playing] while doing your workout… :s)

Then I began to be selective in having my song tracks. The copy and paste job for ‘upbeat’ and ‘adrenalin-getter’ ain’t that hard, but it needs some time to get the most preferable and those that ‘fit’.

Let me share my preferences and hopefully if you got yours, then you could share with me, so I may add in my list too 🙂

1. UVERworld – ‘D-Techno Life’ [you gotta be fast to catch up with this one]

2. Rammstein – ‘Asche Zu Asche’ [you can even dance with it]

3. Bombfunk MC – ‘Freestyler’ [suitable for medium pace jogging]

4. Megadeth – ‘Dread & The Fugitive Mind’ [you run again..and stop for another..see if your heart can take it or not]

5. Dream Theater – ‘As I Am’ [have you ever felt like raging and wanna let it go through workin’ out…then you can try this one to be in your playlist]

6. Cromok – ‘I don’t Belong Here’ [Hey, I ain’t just sayin’ it, but this song has got the beat your legs can pace up with]

7. Disturb – ‘This Moment’ [I never knew this band until I watched Transformer The Movie…another heavy stuff for ‘heart-ache-reliever’ workout type ]

8. Rob Zombie- ‘Scum of The Earth’ [another ‘This Moment’ like type]

9. Europe – ‘Ready or Not’ [this song is very rare..but it is ‘cool’ enough to warm you up..Oh! Can anyone tell me which Europe’s songs that are radio friendly other than The Final Countdown?]

10. (I’ll update more later…sure there are many more…)

This is one of the things that can keep you on. All in all, keep yourselves healthy and enjoy….!