The Procrastinator…

I did not mean to do the thing I did, but 'just wait for five more minutes' kind of habit had taken it's toll in a very demoting way I still remember one night, my dad asked me to wash my car the following morning since it's going to be a weekend holiday. I thought [...]


I Drank An Isomax And Became A Superman…!

This was back then.... March 8, 2009... almost 3 years ago... I Drank An Isomax And Became A Superman...! ...Yeah I did..! Nope, Not flying, neither breaking through walls. It was 4.15 pm when I got an idea to jog at the Sports Complex near my hometown. I asked my bro' if he would like [...]

Dialog Mariana & Ikea’s Vanishing Curtain

"Buat pertama kali aku melihat ketakukan seorang lelaki terhadap seorang wanita". Layan lah pulak tengok Maria Mariana 2 petang semalam. Tapi dialog Ziana Zain..dialog-dialog novel macam tu, mane ade orang nak cakap macam tu kat luar sana. Tak boleh bayang kalau tgh gaduh 'laki' dan 'pompuan' pastu cakap " Kini tampak terketar lututmu sudah, bercucuran [...]

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k. Thanks Sara Rosso for posting the bulletin about this running for life event (or swimming, cycling, trekking etc.) . I've been waiting for this since quite sometimes. Actually my passion is about joining any marathon event but I got no chance since I'm tied with job schedule. Now that I got the opening [...]

This is Two Thousand and Eleven. (pt.1)

I summed my year 2010 as experiencing, educating and the most challenging I’d ever lived. There were lots of transitions in life event happened in that year compared to the prior one. 2009 was merely a constant motion where I spent it only doing routines: driving the same route to work everyday, working at same [...]

Gah Helang Gah!

Biar Besar Gergasi Merah, Biar Merah Pahlawanan Gagah, Biar bisa Lebah berdarah, Biar Rusa melintang arah, Biar Penyu dan anaknya dilindung bah, Biar Anak Ladang mengerah, Biar gegar dihentak Tok Gajah, Biar Kenari mencicip tarah, Biar Seladang menanduk parah, Biar Bayu datang membelah, Biar Anak Harimau menyergah, Biar Singa di Utara ghairah... ..memburu mangsa untuk [...]

Cardio-Fitness Song Tracks

Just came across my mind to share with you some of the song tracks suitable for cardio fitness activities (pacing, aerobic stuffs, hiking, or what not). I started to cultivate the jogging habit since ten years ago when I was in the elementary transition program between school and high institution of learning (matriculation). Never did [...]